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Future Prometheus

Book jacket designed
for J.M. Erickson
available on Amazon.


Book jacket designed
for Debbie Viggiano
available on Amazon.

Rough Justice

eBook cover designed
for Bill Kirton
available on Amazon.

Cold Friends

Book cover designed
for Geoff Green
available on Amazon.

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Welcome to Avalon ♔ Graphics

  In need of an eye-catching cover layout for your book?
  Looking for a designer to create stylish, trendy graphics for your marketing material?

Whatever your needs, I deliver polished, professional and affordable results. I provide creative book design, web graphics, promotional material and logo design reasonably priced to easily fit within your budget. Let me show you what I can do for you! Check out the Services page for what I have to offer.

Feel free to browse my portfolio (print work & web graphics) for examples of my work. I use only Adobe software to create all of my designs.

Contact me today for a free quote.


February 2016 - Design projects have been going very well in the new year. I look forward to working with Tim Vicary, Wendy Jones, Bill Kirton, Eileen Schuh, Anita Chapman, and others this month. So please watch Avalon Graphics on Facebook and Twitter as I share my latest designs.


January 2016 - Happy New Year! I am returning to work after enjoying some time off around the holidays. Grateful to find myself well booked into February! I look forward to work with many of my long time clients and a few new clients in 2016. More updates will be added as projects are completed over the coming weeks. Cheers!!


December 2015 - Happy Holidays! I will be taking some time off this month, so I will not be accepting any new projects until after the holidays. I have completed numerous projects recently and I have added several to the Book Covers page. I've also completed a new book trailer for Carolyn Schriber:


November 2015 - Thank you to all of my clients who continue to trust in me for all of their design needs - I could not be more grateful. I continue to keep a full schedule as winter approaches. I am working on projects for Carolyn Schriber, April Munday, J.M. Erickson, Susan Russo Anderson and others. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans!


October 2015 - Autumn has arrived! I will be on a short vacation the first week of the month. Then I return to projects for Carolyn Schriber, April Munday, Leena Maria, Bill Kirton, Richard Vohl and others. Happy Halloween (Samhain)!

September 2015 - Happy Labor Day to all of my fellow Americans! At present, I'm working on projects for J.F. Ridgley, Carolyn Schriber, Elizabeth Chadwick, April Munday, Wendy Jones, and Bill Kirton and others. I should also sign a few new clients this month and begin work on a couple of projects for Zumaya Publications.


August 2015 - It has been a busy summer! I'm currently working on projects for Caz Greenham, J.M. Erickson, Debra Tracy, John Emberson, Maggie Craig, Julie Malone and new client Bill Kirton. I will also be working with Susan Aguilo, J.F. Ridgley and Wendy Jones over the next six weeks on new projects for them. Just a reminder that I also design Facebook and Twitter banners!


July 2015 - Having just returned from the Historical Novel Society's North American Conference, I am a bit jet lagged yet, but can report that I had a wonderful time meeting so many lovely people! I will be taking Helen Hollick on to Colonial Williamsburg for the Fourth of July weekend where we shall be doing some work towards a future publication for her. I will be back to work on July 10th - several projects already lined up, so see you then! Happy Fourth of July to my fellow Americans!

Latest trailer completed for Caz Greenham:

June 2015 - I will be going to the Historical Novel Society's North American Conference on June 25th, thus I will be on a much needed holiday the second half of June and into July. Look for myself and Helen Hollick at the conference! I will have a new book trailer completed for Caz Greenham this month, along with a few other projects before I head to Denver.

May 2015 - April showers bring May flowers! That old proverb certainly is ringing true this year. I will be working with Debra Tracy, and others this month, along with finishing up on going projects with Richard Denning and Madalyn Morgan. I continue to work through eBook cover designs for David Wishart as well. And another book trailer was completed, this time for Jenny Yacovissi: