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Book Jacket designed
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The Kraals of Ulundi

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The Death Game

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Whatever your needs, I deliver polished, professional and affordable results. I provide creative book design, web graphics, promotional material and logo design reasonably priced to easily fit within your budget. Let me show you what I can do for you! Check out the Services page for what I have to offer.

Feel free to browse my portfolio (print work & web graphics) for examples of my work. I use only Adobe software to create all of my designs.

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April 2014 - More new projects to release and more new clients signed as a rush on spring publications continues. I'm grateful and so very thankful for all of the interest in my design work! At present, all new projects are being scheduled at least eight weeks out due to an extensive production schedule and a personal matter that has begun to overshadow the business. I thank everyone in advance for their patience and understanding during this hectic time in both my professional and personal life. Looking far into the future, I'm tentatively planning on attending the Historical Novel Society's North American Conference being held in Denver, Colorado next year!


March 2014 - Spring is coming! Newly completed projects for Madalyn Morgan, Chris Longmuir and David Ebsworth will be added to the site shortly. I've signed four new clients recently and continue to work with existing clients this month as well. I find myself booked through May at this point! I am truly blessed as I'm having my own March Madness!


February 2014 - Snow on the ground to start out a very chilly February. Newly completed projects for Carolyn Schriber, Elizabeth Chadwick and Renae Lucas-Hall have been added to the site. I'm currently working with a couple of new clients - Michael Moon and Dorcas Wilson. And I will be working with existing clients Maggie Craig, J.F. Ridgley, Chris Longmuir, Paula Lofting Wilcox, Elizabeth Chadwick, and David Ebsworth this month as well. Plus I hope to welcome a few new clients too, so I continue to remain steadily busy in 2014! Sleep...who needs it! Ha!


January 2014 - Happy New Year!! I trust that everyone enjoyed the holidays. Now it is time to return to designing and I have numerous projects lined up! I look forward to working with several new clients as well as continuing to collaborate with many longtime clients as we begin 2014.


December 2013 - Seasons Greetings!! The holidays are upon us and I shall be taking much needed time off in December to spend quality time with my family. I'm wrapping up a few projects in the early parts of December, then I shall return in 2014! I've completed the first of several book trailers for Elizabeth Chadwick, please check that out on YouTube HERE. I hope to have two more book trailers completed shortly (a second for Ms. Chadwick and one for Joanna Lambert). More new book covers have been added to the 'Books' page as well. I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, a Blessed Winter Solstice and a Happy New Year!


November 2013 - I hope that everyone enjoyed a wonderful and safe Halloween! A chill is in the air and the leaves are in full color here - and I seem to have zero time to enjoy my favorite season! Nearly ready to reveal the first of many book trailers for Elizabeth Chadwick and continuing to finish multiple design projects for numerous clients this month. I'll also be welcoming family in for a visit within a few days which will occupy my time as well this month. Our annual Carolina Renaissance Festival is ongoing and I plan to attend this month too! Huzzah!! Busy times! And thus I'm booked until January! *gasps* Thank you for all of the support!!


October 2013 - Autumn is here! My favorite time of the year!! I've been busily working on numerous projects and hope to pull out the camera as the leaves begin to change with the season and get some great shots to share as well. I also hope to update the blog with more details on my production schedule - but in summary, a couple of book trailers are in the works this month! One will be for Elizabeth Chadwick and the other for Carolyn Schriber. I welcome new clients Eileen Schuh, Mary Ann Drummond, Cynthia Miller, Lauren Barr, and Dorcas Wilson! I am also working on new projects for existing clients as well - so exciting times!


September 2013 - I have been living off the grid for the past two weeks since relocating in the aftermath of selling our home of 15 years. So I shall add all new updates as I return to work later in September. However, I hope to have an internet connection installed the first week of September and be back in business shortly. Thank you to everyone for your patience in my absence online. I also wish to thank all of my wonderful guests who joined me for my Summer Ice Cream Social on the blog throughout the summer months! Happy Labor Day to all of my fellow Americans on Monday the 2nd - may we all enjoy one final summer holiday before the fall season sets in.


August 2013 - On a personal note, I will be moving house this month and this major life event has caused me to become over-booked at present, and thus forced me to place a hold on accepting all new design projects until later in the year. I will resume accepting new clients in October - and I thank all of my current clients for their patience during this hectic time. I have been rolling out numerous projects recently, so please do check out both the Book Covers and Video Works pages for the latest updates. And I continue to welcome many wonderful guests to my blog for the Summer Ice Cream Social!


July 2013 - I hope everyone is keeping cool!! A couple of new releases this month - Chris Longmuir's 'Missing Believed Dead' on Amazon and Wilkie Martin will release 'Inspector Hobbes and the Blood' on the 26th. Check out the July-Sept newsletter over at Newwriters UK as I have a couple of ads within the newsletter this quarter - another great group that I'm happy to be a part of. They also have a lovely write up about 'The Assassin's Mark' by David Ebsworth at his book launch at Waterstones. The July showcase video is out for Famous Five Plus (I sponsor and maintain the video for the group) - lovely group of folks that I highly recommend. I will begin working with several new clients this month - welcome Ellen Campbell, Susan Russo Anderson and Garith Wilsher! I'll also be working on new projects for existing clients as well - looking forward to another great month! This fall I will be designing cover jackets for a series of short stories by Helen Hollick and we are looking for an illustrator to draw the characters - please see the details in the full advert HERE. Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans!


June 2013 - Summer has arrived! Recently completed an eBook cover for Tim Vicary's short story 'Ghost Room'. A new feature on this site has been officially launched - a new blog! And I will be looking for guests to drop in for a visit! If you are interested, Contact me! The June showcase video is out for Famous Five Plus (I sponsor and maintain the video for the group) - lovely group of folks that I highly recommend. I have completed a couple of marketing materials for Helen Hollick, and will be designing two post cards for J.F. Ridgley shortly as well. Currently, I have ongoing book cover projects with Michelle Weidenbenner, Guy Severn, and Wilkie Martin. And I will be working with Lavender and White Publishing and Renae Lucas-Hall again this month. The book cover I designed for Richard Denning, Princes in Exile, is now available on Amazon US and UK. I've also completed a book jacket for a New Writers UK Short Story Competition 'Silver Scribes Tell Tales' that should be out soon too - it is my pleasure to support that outstanding group of writers!