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Book and Trailer Showcase – great resource and exposure for writers!

And a great place for readers to find new authors! Their main website can be found HERE.

This month’s current eMag is:

Historical Novel Society Annual Conference ~ 2013

The Annual HNS Conference is under way today in sunny Florida. I hope all of our members are enjoying themselves and embarking on a great weekend of fun in the sun!

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eBook Cover Design Revealed for Sue Fortin’s ‘United State of Love’

I had re-designed Sue’s eBook cover back in April and it is now available for purchase on Amazon UK HERE. Sue had originally hired me to design the cover for United State of Love back in 2012 and we came up with a good design then. In re-thinking things this year, Sue decided to refine it and go more solidly after her target market. Continue reading

Thank God It’s Friday Right?

TGIF graphic

The weekend is within our reach! And since I’m wrapping up my working week early, for once, I thought I’d recommend a few blogs and Twitter accounts as I head out the virtual door today.

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Photography from my Garden

A little something different today. I also pull out my camera (a Canon Rebel T3i Digital SLR) upon occasion.


A four leaf clover!




My favorite roses which I take cuttings from every spring and keep on my desk


Featured Artist: Matt Wisniewski

I found Matt’s work recently on tumblr and thought I’d share here.

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Font Resources

I thought I would share a few of my favorite font sites with free fonts available for anyone to download for use as I’m often asked where I find my fonts. Continue reading