Elements that inspire me to create

Most importantly, I must have a good mash up playing while I design. Currently my playlist includes a newly discovered artist from Nashville, Tennessee – Ruelle. She’s fabulous. I am also addicted to Adele‘s latest album, so many of those tracks are on my playlist as well. My playlist changes as I discover new artists and/or songs and as I get nostalgic for older tracks in my collection. Most of the time the songs lift my mood or place my mind in the right comfort zone in order to let my creative juices flow.

However, it is more than just the music that I listen to while I work/create. I often have scented candles burning in my office as well. I have a big executive office chair and a comfortable wooden desk. Being a creative soul means that I’m influenced by what triggers all of my senses – sound, sight and smell being so important among the senses. The walls in my office are painted a really lovely shade of lavender – purple being a favorite color.


My office – older photo, but not too much has changed. The purple walls are hard to photograph with so much light coming in from the windows.


Part of my crown collection sitting on the corner of my desk.


My knight in residence – Sir Percival.








I typically am most productive when I am home alone – if it is my husband’s day off, I’m usually too distracted to get much done in the office. Design flaw – no office door to shut out the rest of the household. But most days I’m quite content in my little space here in the front corner of our home.

Those are the primary elements that inspire me as I design.

Current playlist: The Royals – Original Television Soundtrack

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