A Fantastic Opportunity – Designing for Nine Top Authors!

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What a brilliant opportunity!

I was approached by authors Helen Hollick and Joanna Courtney about a new project they were working on – an eBook collection of short stories from several talented and award winning authors. The 950th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings is this calendar year, so the authors have come together to celebrate by writing nine stories of alternative history. What if Harold had won the battle? So many options for the writers to play with and what an exciting project! I was honored to be asked to design the cover for such a prestigious group. The official blog for the project is HERE and you can find the page on Facebook HERE.

The authors are:
Joanna Courtney
Helen Hollick
Anna Belfrage
Richard Dee
G.K. Holloway
Carol McGrath
Alison Morton
Eliza Redgold
Annie Whitehead
with a foreword by writer and actor, C.C. Humphreys

The final cover design that was approved for publication and marketing:

1066 Upside Down book cover design















I purchased a stock image from Adobe Stock [Original RF stock photo ©wjarek – Fotolia] of the helmet, then worked a little Photoshop magic by flipping the image and giving it a rippled effect – as in ripple in time or a mirror reflection….inspired by the subject matter of the book.

The eBook will be released this summer through Amazon Kindle (both US and UK), Nook, Kobo, iBooks and KWL Publishing.

While I have designed book covers for hundreds of authors and several publishing houses over the years, this is my first job designing for a collection of short stories by multiple authors. I have been designing for Helen Hollick since 2009, and I have more recently designed for Richard Dee as well. And I have also worked with Alison Morton on a handful of marketing items too, so it is a real pleasure to be part of the #1066UpsideDown team!

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  1. rolandclarke

    Great cover for a wonderful and fascinating collection. Sadly, just had you and Avalon recommended by Madalyn Morgan for my covers – just after I began talking to another writer’s designer. However, adding you to my favourites as working on an alternative history.


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