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Elements that inspire me to create

Most importantly, I must have a good mash up playing while I design. Currently my playlist includes a newly discovered artist from Nashville, Tennessee – Ruelle. She’s fabulous. I am also addicted to Adele‘s latest album, so many of those tracks are on my playlist as well. My playlist changes as I discover new artists and/or songs and as I get nostalgic for older tracks in my collection. Most of the time the songs lift my mood or place my mind in the right comfort zone in order to let my creative juices flow.

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Today’s Inspiration ~ IF I HAD MY LIFE TO LIVE OVER

I had to share what I just read in Helen Hollick‘s latest blog entry as it is so true!!


               I would have gone to bed when I  was sick instead of
pretending the earth would  explode if I weren’t there for
the day.
               I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose
before it melted in storage.
               I would have talked less and  listened more.

Featured Artist: Matt Wisniewski

I found Matt’s work recently on tumblr and thought I’d share here.

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