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I’ve been interviewed!


Just a couple of quick things, my lovely friend (and client!) Jo Lambert has interviewed me this week. Please visit her blog to read what I had to say HERE.

And another longtime client and close friend gave me a nod in her Tuesday Talk blog as well, please visit Helen Hollick‘s blog HERE.

Avalon Graphics LLC

October Updates and the arrival of Autumn at Avalon Graphics

Autumn photo

Autumn is my favorite season and if I  had my way, I’d spend every waking minute of it out in nature enjoying the beauty of it. Alas, not this year as I’ve found myself busier than ever between work and personal matters. And keeping up a blog seems to be something that I simply cannot find the extra time to do either! I very much admire my friends and colleagues who regularly blog despite their busy careers and family lives! How do you do it?!


I am currently working with several clients on projects ranging from book covers to book trailers to interior map illustrations and marketing materials. And I still feel that I’ve never truly caught up from being offline back in August while moving house. But it is a blessing to be in such high demand these days and I thank all of you who have commissioned me for design services during these busy times.

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Official Blog Coming Soon!!

Still under construction, but coming your way real soon!

I have moved from Blogger over to WordPress in order to bring you a better blog and more customized content – this blog is now fully integrated within my website.

The old Blogger can still be found HERE. However, I have imported all of the old entries here. Please see the tag cloud on the left side to locate post topics.