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Associate Degree:Design Degree

Earned at CVCC circa 2008.

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Services Offered by Avalon Graphics!


Feel free to browse my portfolio (print work & web graphics) for examples of my work.

I use only Adobe software to create all of my designs, and I will work with any publisher/printer to provide what is needed for press. I export all print work from Adobe InDesign at print resolution and based on the technical specs provided for each book cover design job. All web graphics are exported out of Adobe Photoshop at web resolution only.

I proudly use Adobe Creative Suite for all of my creations.

Contact me today for a free quote.

Overview of Services:


Book Covers

Design full jacket (front, back & spine) and deliver digital images to printer as specified by publisher/press agent; eBook cover image properly prepared for KINDLE and other online retailers.

Promotional | Printed | Marketing Material

Facebook, Twitter and all other social media banners, post cards, business cards, flyers, mailers, bookmarks, posters, advertisements for magazines, audio book covers, and other printed media outlets.

Web Graphics and Web Site Design

Website banners, headers, misc graphics (not for print). Full site designs created in partnership with Anne Ricciardi Design.

Promotional Videos

Book trailer music videos produced to promote a client's novels or other works which include custom soundtracks and custom graphics.

Commission Rate Overview Below

*Pricing is based on a per-job basis as design work is always
unique to each project and each client's individual needs.

Paperback book jacket (three-panel design) contracts range from $359 to $600 depending on the needs and sophistication of the design. eBook covers begin at $249 and consist of a cover image properly formatted for online retailers. Typical designs include two to three initial concepts and two to three rounds of revisions of the chosen design. Unlimited revisions are available at a rate of $45.00 per labor hour. Royalty Free stock images requested from outside of my own collection and/or resources will be the financial responsibility of the client.
Promotional Videos begin at $799 and also vary depending on the complexity of the source material to be used in production (RF Stock photography and video). I provide original music through a sub-contract with a composer, thus the contract includes commission for the original music written exclusively for each project by composer/musician Bronwen Harrison.
Web graphics can range from as little as $35 to packages of $100 or more depending on the needs of the client.

Complete website packages are available through a partnership with Anne Ricciardi Design. Pricing is constructed to meet each site project depending on the extent of the content and overall needs of the client. A full range of features and functionality are available with techical support and hosting options. All websites are built on WordPress platforms and the client is then given access to whatever extent they wish thereafter.

A signed contract and a non-refundable deposit are required before any work begins. Payment is preferred via PayPal in US Dollars. I accept most currencies through PayPal, including the British Pound £ and the Euro € as PayPal processes the conversion automatically. If you require a quote in a rate other than the US Dollar, I will gladly contract in the client's currency rate at the most current international conversion rate.

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RONE Award 2014

Winning design Mystery/Suspence for
Cache A Predator by M. Weidenbenner.

Cache A Predator

RONE Award 2015

Honorable Mention Young Adult Contemporary Fantasty for
Scattered Links by M. Weidenbenner.

Scattered Links

Honorable Mention cert


1066 Turned Upside Down

Winning Cover Design of the year for 2016
at Dodging Arrows


Winning design of the month for December 2016 at InD'Tale Magazine.



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