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Praise for Avalon Graphics


Cathy Helms of Avalon Graphics is an absolute delight to work with; she is talented, efficient and professional down to the smallest detail.

Helen Hollick, Best selling author

2 Years ago I decided to have a go at self publishing. I was struggling along entirely on my own when I was fortunate to make friends with Helen Hollick who introduced me to Cathy. Cathy has transformed my very amateur attempts at Book Trailers, Web sites, flyers, promotional material and book covers into something that folks look at and say “wow”. Cathy is easy to deal with, flexible, quick to respond (I like folk who know what the reply button in an email is intended for) and at the same time high quality and affordable. Just bloody good value in fact!

Richard Denning, author and publisher - Mercia Books

Cathy took my sprawling, homely website and professionally and beautifully
redesigned it based on my very vague specifications. She is easy to work
with and her turnaround time is excellent. I highly recommend her.

Susan Higginbotham, Historical Novelist
The SilverWood team has worked with Cathy and Avalon Graphics on a number of book jackets, including Helen Hollick's historical novels and Jane Gray's 'The Bitti Chai'. It's always a pleasure dealing with Cathy, and no amendment or refinement to her illustrations is too much trouble.
Helen Hart, Publishing Director - SilverWood Books
As one who has worked in the book publishing industry for some thirty-five years, and now as an author, I heartily recommend the talents and services of Cathy Helms at Avalon Graphics. The book trailer she created for me has received a lot of attention and has generated a lot of sales. For those benefits I am forever grateful to her. Plus, she is a joy to work with.
Bill Hammond, award-winning author of the Cutler Family Chronicles
I am a picky person. By that I mean that know what I like and I will gently push until I see a final product that aligns with the end goal that I had in mind. What really impressed me with Cathy and Avalon Graphics, is that we didn't get my vision the first time around or even the second. However, through the tweaking and the interactions, Cathy was a consummate professional, exhibiting a level of customer service that most of us don't see in this day and age, never once begrudging me for my desire to "get it right". In the end the final product so far exceeded my expectations that I recommend her without hesitation.
Stephanie Keyes, author, The Star Child
Everything the others say is true. Finding Avalon Graphics is one of the best things I've done this year. Cathy Helms is professional, talented, and friendly. Working with her has been a genuinely co-operative and creative experience. She's very patient too - highly necessary if you have as many half-assed ideas as I have. If you're looking for a designer to work with, you've come to the right place!
Tim Vicary, author

I was introduced to Cathy by Richard Denning (Mercia Books) and will be forever grateful to Richard for his kind advice and recommendation. I had an exact idea how I wanted the book cover of The Bitti Chai to look and having given Cathy a brief outline not so much on detail but on how I wanted the cover to ‘feel’ immediately we were in tune with one another. Cathy transformed my ideas for the book cover and promotional materials; followed by a fabulous book trailer. She is intuitive and gifted, professional and timely in her work and excels over and above your expectations. To the technologically challenged she is especially helpful; contributing and assisting me in my panic stricken moments whilst trying to construct my web site. I am really excited that I shall be working with Cathy again in 2012 for my follow up novel The Lost Souls. I whole heartedly recommend her.
Jane Gray, author, The Bitti Chai


For a quality, affordable and professional cover designer, look no further than Avalon Graphics.
John Baird, author, Chasing Shadows

Cathy has designed and rebuilt two music websites for me in the last six months. I am absolutely delighted with the results. She takes into consideration exactly what the client needs to convey. She is quick, efficient and responsive. A more friendly, flexible and well structured service would be very hard to find. I would heartily recommend the services of Avalon Graphics to anyone.
Bronwen Harrison (Guesswork and Lumina Music)

I found Avalon Graphics through an article in a writing magazine; the year's subscription was worth the one-line that introduced me to Cathy. Cathy is professional, friendly and talented. As a first-time author my book cover ideas were only half-baked, Cathy was patient as she worked with me to produce a cover with which I am extremely pleased. I cannot recommend Cathy highly enough.

Deborah Cater, author, City Chronicles

With my third book ready for publication, I was recommended to talk to Cathy at Avalon Graphics to design a cover. Cathy produced an amazing cover, one that matched my book perfectly. I was so delighted at the results, I then asked Cathy to design new covers for my other two books. I now have three books with the most beautiful covers.


Cathy is a treat to work with, totally professional with no boundaries to her patience, and I felt I tested them at times, particularly with Satchfield Hall. Three months ago I set up a new group for Indie Authors, Famous Five Plus, I am proud and honoured to say, Cathy is a Friend of this group. I cannot recommend the services of Cathy, Avalon Graphics highly enough. Thank you Cathy for everything you have done for me, and I will return!
Pauline Barclay, author, Sometimes It Happens..., Satchfield Hall, Magnolia House


I am truly grateful to Cathy for all her professionalism, enthusiasm and hard work in designing my e-book cover. She has been a God-send. Her efficiency and communication has been first-rate and the finished product was perfect, better than I ever imagined it could be. I have nothing but praise for Avalon Graphics!

E.J. Greenway, author, Party Games


I truly bless the day that I discovered and selected Avalon Graphics to create the cover for my first book. Not only am I delighted with what Cathy has produced, but I found the whole experience of working with her enjoyable and reassuring. She is a highly skilled professional for whom nothing is too much trouble. Her patience with this dithering greenhorn was generous to a fault. I've already enlisted her services for my next book, and I look forward confidently to receiving another first-class cover and to enjoying another series of workshops with her.

—William Orwin, author, The Entrapment of My Father


If you want quality and the best of customer service then Cathy Helms and Avalon Graphics is the one for you. I started writing my first novel as a hobby, I would write here and then when and if I wanted to. When I found Cathy and started to work on my Book cover as well as wanting to finish my book quickly her work literally inspired me.
Cathy's precision in her work is the result of genius and there seems to be nothing she can't get hold of. When I returned to her with my second novel within days she had returned to me with four brand new concepts in which we perfected to one final product within a week. The amount of time Cathy will spend perfecting your book can only be described as too generous.
I would highly recommend Cathy Helms and Avalon Graphics to anyone wanting a professional result for their Book, Poster or Magazine.

—James Mercer, author, The Crusader's Blade



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